About Saranya


Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey, MA Degree in Clinical Psychology;

The University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, BA Degree: Major Theatre; Minor Psychology;


The C.G. Jung Foundation Training Program, developed by C.G. Jung, MD;

Psychotherapy developed by Jakob Moreno, MD;

Core Energetics Institute for Character Analysis and Bioenergetics, originally developed by Wilhelm Reich, MD; Alexander Lowen, MD; and John Pierrakos, MD; New York, New York;

Psychodrama Institute, as created by Jakob Moreno in the early 20th century, an excellent tool for helping you to understand and participate in C.G. Jung’s “Active Imagination.”

Further study includes Hakomi Therapy (from Buddhist Psychology), a gentle, body centered way of getting in touch with emotions and transforming them;

Schema Therapy (e.g., “Lifetraps”), a cognitive based therapy (Dr. Young);

Hakomi Therapy: Mindfulness, Body-centered, focusing the mind.

There are more concepts, treatments, and modalities that I have trained in which contribute to my approach.


Painting portraits, landscapes, seascapes, and still lives, in oil paint on canvass is my passion in my spare time; my life’s work is also my passion; facilitating the transformation of other souls is divine. I also enjoy the Practice of Raja Yoga, since the age of 17, which is an intense practice (from Vedanta), which includes daily Meditation, Hatha Yoga, and philosophically adhering to and living according to the Yamas and Niyamas, as well as the Yoga Sutras. I also love jogging by the sea, and spending time with the people I care about.

Published Articles and Books

“The Transference and Counter-Transference from the perspectives of Boss and Jung,” Journal of Analytical Psychology (Jungian), London, England, 1990.

“Re-Writing Your Past Experiences,” AuthorHouse, New York, New York, 2009.

“The Divine with a Thousand Faces,” AuthorHouse, New York, New York, 2009.